Marks* And Lebzelter* - Rock And Other Four Letter Words

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  1. Fenrilkree says:
    J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter were two writers who in made one album, "Rock and other Four-Letter Words". J Marks may have been mystical writer Jamake Highwater, while Lebzelter went on to found a Christian Commune and released a few solo albums in the seventies.
  2. Samull says:
    J Marks & Shipen Lebzelter - Rock And Other Four Letter Words In this case, the F word might be “Frank†Up until the mids, Rock And Other Four Letter Words was one of those albums that everyone seemed to have heard of, though less than one per cent had actually heard; of that one per cent, 90 per cent never wanted to hear the.
  3. Shatilar says:
    Jun 05,  · MARKS AND LEBZELTER-ROCK AND OTHER FOUR LETTER WORDS, LP, , USA. This groundbreaking landmark of dada rock and soundbyte collage owes a huge debt to Zappa's pioneering work on Lumpy Gravy. their verbal expoundings arrayed for maximum non sequitur value and you might be getting close to grasping what Messrs. Marks and Lebzelter were.
  4. Maujin says:
    Apr 27,  · It was put out at the same time as a an essay book called Rock and Other Four Letter Words: Music of the Electric Generation with photos by Linda Eastman, who became shortly after that, Linda McCartney of Wings fame. without further ado, J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – Trouble. J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter – It’s True.
  5. Mazuzahn says:
    Cool 4 Letter Words – Proprofs Quiz inside Cool 4 Letter Words. Cyclograms – Why Pesto Is The Coolest Word In The English Language regarding Cool 4 Letter Words. Days # – J Marks And Shipen Lebzelter – Rock And Other Four with regard to Cool 4 Letter Words. Related For Cool 4 Letter Words.
  6. Kazigor says:
    J Marks & Siphen Lebzelter: Rock & Other Four Letter Words (LP, Vinyl record album) - Wild stuff! This album's beyond description – sort of a mix of the baroque instrumental arran -- Dusty Groove is Chicago's Online Record StoreBrand: Columbia (Label).
  7. Yor says:
    Produced by John McClure, 's "Rock and Other Four Letter Words" was the brainchild of the New York based duo of Johnny Marks and Shipen Lebzelter. The album grew out of a series of interviews Marks had previously done with a bunch of '60s rock stars including Eric Burdon, Jimmy Page, Mickey Most, Grace Slick, Pete Townshend, and Brian Wilson.
  8. Vole says:
    Rock and other four letter words: Created By J Marks and Shipen Lebzelter; Featuring a cast of thousands, Including the voices, Comments, yawns and blurbs of bunches of international rock stars and various other good people: Music to live and die by, and other zook zounds and voices of the first national nothing, etc.4/4(16).

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